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WATERLOO, Iowa — After 10 days of testimony, it took a jury just six and a half hours to reach a verdict in Terri Supino’s double murder trial.

The jury found Supino not guilty Friday afternoon in the brutal 1983 murders of her estranged husband Steven Fisher and his girlfriend, Melisa Gregory. The couple’s bodies were found beaten to death at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton.

Since the murders, Supino has lived under a cloud of suspicion. She said this past year, the year she spent in jail, was the worst.

“Anxiety. Taking medication. I’ve been a nervous wreck. I just want to go home,” Supino said after the trial concluded.

Supino was arrested 31-years to the day after the murders, even though prosecutors admitted there was no physical evidence — no hair, no fingerprints, and no DNA — linking her to the crime.

It was only after the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office called in the TV show Cold Justice to help solve the case that she was charged.

Supino said the Sheriff’s Office took a large chunk of her life by first suspecting her then jailing her for almost a year.

“Yeah they have. They’ve taken 30 years of it. But I’ll get even now. I’m not done,” said Supino. When asked what she meant by that she replied, “I’m gonna sue somebody.”

Supino said she went to jail because of a TV show, “Because they wouldn’t air the show unless they had someone in custody and that somebody was me.”

Supino said on her first night of freedom after being jailed she plans to eat some fast food and catch up with her family.