Strong Winds Topple Massive Tree into Beaverdale Home

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Even though central Iowa is not dealing with snow, strong winds are taking out large trees.

A resident in the Beaverdale neighborhood said a huge part of a tree fell on top of a house on Lower Beaver Road and shook his entire house next door.

“So last night my girlfriend and I were watching TV in the bedroom and out of nowhere we just heard this crazy noise, it almost sounded like thunder or lightning or something and then like a huge crash. And the ground kind of shook and so we ran outside and come to find the neighbors tree on their house,” Des Moines resident Ryan Majors said.

Neighbors say the tree crushed part of the house and a truck in the driveway, narrowly missing the family sleeping inside.

“Actually the neighbors invited us in right after it happened and I was checking the damages out and one of the neighbors was asleep in the bedroom where the tree crashed and that was pretty scary. They’re lucky to be alive for sure,” Majors said.

The Des Moines Fire Department responded to the house around 9 p.m. Wednesday night and said the family living there was not injured in the incident.

Meteorologist Amber Alexander said wind gusts reached up to 63 miles per hour in parts of Iowa on Wednesday.

“Closer to the Des Moines Metro area along Interstate 80, most of those wind gusts were under 50 miles per hour, but in an instance where you may be have a saturated ground with a weak tree, 46 miles per hour is still enough to topple some of those weaker trees,” Alexander said.

The strong winds were also a problem for truck drivers in semis driving down the highway.

“The cars are driving north or south, for example along Interstate 35, as that wind is bent perpendicularly it’s going to blow over some of those high-profile vehicles especially if they aren’t holding very much. It’s just hard for those people to keep control over some of those vehicles when the wind is blowing that strong,” Alexander said.


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