Strong Praise, Strong Criticism Follow Des Moines Mother’s Comments About Fear for Son’s Safety


DES MOINES, Iowa — Dwana Bradley — former Des Moines teacher, school board chair and editor of the Urban Experience Magazine — wants more conversation, more understanding and more civility. She doesn’t think the past year has had nearly enough of it. And Iowans have plenty to say about her thoughts.

“There’s not a time he doesn’t leave my house that I’m not concerned for his safety,” Bradley said about her teenaged son, JaMarcus.

Bradley, who is Black, believes that the deaths of George Floyd and Daunte Wright — who are also Black — ignited anger and frustration across the country as additional examples of how white police officers treat people of color.

And that frustration can lead to violence during protests that demanded racial justice. “They’re tired, and they don’t know where else to turn to,” Bradley said, “So, I’m going to take it to the streets, and that is kind of the way that they express themselves. Do I always agree with that? No. But am I going to look down on them for their choice of expressing themselves? I’m not.”

Hundreds of people reacted to Bradley’s comments on Facebook.

You can watch the interview with Bradley on this week’s The Insiders.

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