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ANKENY, Iowa — The United Auto Workers union remains dedicated to its strike against John Deere, which meant even bad weather could not slow them down.

Striking employees converged on John Deere’s Des Moines Works plant in Ankeny Sunday, despite the constant rain.

The UAW prepared for the precipitation. The union erected tents with heaters to keep demonstrators warm and dry, passersby dropped off supplies at the strike site, and picketers paired their signs with umbrellas and raincoats.

UAW members did not speak with WHO 13 on camera, but one employee summed up the mood and proclaimed, “The weather will not deter us.”

Gov. Kim Reynolds discussed the ongoing strike during a visit to Adel on Wednesday. She sympathized with the workers, mentioned her family members worked for John Deere, and reiterated her desire for a settlement to benefit both the company and the union.

“John Deere is a great company with a phenomenal workforce and this is part of the collective bargaining process,” Reynolds said. “I am confident for the last three times I have been asked that they will be able to come to some resolution.”

John Deere announced this past Friday that the company will continue to provide health benefits for UAW-represented employees throughout the duration of the strike.