Story County Supervisors Revisit Hog Confinement Project They Already Approved

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NEVADA, Iowa — The Story County Board of Supervisors held a hearing on whether to appeal Iowa DNR preliminary approval of construction permits to LongView Pork LLC.

The hearing was considering going against approval already given by the supervisors to the project.

“The supervisors looked at these three applications for the three sites on December 11. The Board voted 2-1 to pass to with recommendation of approval to the DNR,” said Supervisor Chair Lauris Olson.

Since then, the board has changed with one new member to the three-person body.

“On January 7th, the Story County received notice that the Department of Natural Resources issued preliminary construction permits to LongView for the three sites,” said new Supervisor Linda Murken.

The Board had some discussion about the hearing, and that the County could not “do over” it’s December decision.

“Our applications followed the rules laid out by the DNR and Iowa Legislature. We have reached out to Board Chair Lauris Olson to better understand what new concerns have been raised if there is anything we can be doing to address such concerns,” said Eric Henry of LongView Pork LLC. “The only advice was under advice of legal counsel. She could not answer our questions.”

Audience members were asked to comment specifically on what would be a reason to appeal to the Iowa DNR.

“It says the board shall take into account public comments,” said John Monroe of Nevada. “So a reason to deny approval is public outcry against the project, that was ignored.”

Story County Supervisors will hold another hearing next week on Tuesday, January 22 to decide if the county should issue a resolution to call for a possible re-write of the Master Matrix used by the DNR to approve Hog Confinement operations.

The meeting will take place January 22 at 7 p.m. at Gates Hall in Nevada.


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