Story City Plans Repairs to Damaged Swinging Bridge

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STORY CITY, Iowa — The City Council of Story City has voted to spend the money to get repairs made to their iconic Swinging Bridge. Spring flooding caused ice jams, which damaged the bridge’s west end connector to the stone arch foundation.

“We’ve had ice come through here before but not like this year,” said Story City Mayor Mike Jensen. “The water was high and then the ice came up, 16 to 18 inch ice, and you get all that up against the bridge of the force of the water pushing it, it just shoved the whole bridge south.”

The estimated cost to repair the damage could run around $130,000 dollars or more.

“It’s a lot of money, but the council voted unanimously to fix it. Whatever it costs, we’re going to get it done and put it back the way it was,” said Jensen. “This is sad to see the bridge that way. I grew up fishing off of that and swimming in the river.”

The city is hoping that some of the ice damage will be covered by insurance.

Local Story City photographer Pete TeKippe has been using the bridge as a backdrop for photos for family and senior portraits.

“I remember over the years it’s flooded several times, but I can remember when the water was actually going over the top railing of the bridge,” said TeKippe. “So, it’s amazing to me it’s withstood as many floods as it has.”


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