Story City Care Center Prepares For Vaccine


STORY CITY, IOWA — At Bethany Life, skilled care, and long-term care it’s been a roller coaster-crazy year here, due to COVID-19. In June there was a coronavirus outbreak. Since then, no resident has tested positive for the virus.

“The policies that we put into place to make sure everybody stays safe have also caused our borderline staffing shortages,” said Rex Nelson, who is Director of Nursing here. That has been mitigated by an extreme amount of overtime and people being able to step up and really hold their own when it comes to taking care of our residents.”

Nelson is waiting for direction from the State and Federal authorities regarding details of the distribution.

“I feel like there’s a lot of staff that have a lot of really good buy into it,” said Nelson. “We’ve just been trying to hit our staff with as much education as possible to make sure they can make an informed and appropriate decision to take the vaccination to protect our residents.”

Nelson said he will also hold meetings so that residents in the care center can be vaccinated.

“As soon as we get a little bit more official information on the vaccine and which one we’re getting will be able to release some statements to the families the power of attorney’s or the residence them selves and have them make an informed decision as well,” said Nelson.

The whole pandemic has caused a lot of stress for the health care providers here.

“I think there’s just a lot of anxiety around it throughout the entire course of it,” said Nelson. “For myself just as equally as somebody who continuously works hand-in-hand with the residents on a day-to-day basis some days they might be short a person and they just pick it up and run with it.”


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