CAMPING OUT: Great Weekend At Saylorville

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We saw a mixed bag of weather this holiday weekend, but that didn`t stop campers from enjoying their time at Saylorville Lake.

“Absolutely didn`t make one bit of difference,” campground attendant Patrick Snook said of the weather. “People had a spot. They wanted a spot. They couldn`t wait to get here. They couldn`t wait to get checked in and start having a good time. And they certainly did that this weekend.”

Crews booked all four campsites for Memorial weekend. A majority of the campers cleared out today getting ready for work on Tuesday.

Most campers visit this lake at least once a year.

“We met up with a couple last year that they camp here pretty much off and on all summer because they`re from some other state, just excellent people and just fun to meet people,” camper Roger Fitzgerald said.

Officials say campers usually need to book their visit at least three months in advance for holiday weekends.


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