Storms Cause Significant Damage in Eastern Iowa

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CLINTON COUNTY, Iowa — Strong storms in eastern Iowa caused damage Thursday night.

Thursday afternoon started with funnel cloud. Those storms, moved on to the DeWitt area where one home took a direct hit.

Much of the Petersen family farm has significant damage. The machine shed, equipment, and even part of the house were destroyed.

Kyle Petersen said it could have been worse, “In ten minutes there were probably 100 people here helping.”

His father Russell said, “Material things, I’ve got insurance, not worried about that. So everybody’s okay.”

It was a similar scene at Cinnamon Ridge Farm in Donahue. The feed storage building was blown down. There’s also a big mess at Allen Grove Cemetery with more metal sheds torn to pieces

In Clinton, a possible tornado caused widespread damage. The tornado was seen by a NWS trained storm spotter. Trees were downed all across town and some cars were damaged at Clinton High School.

So far, there are no reports of injuries there.


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