Storm Damage Keeping Des Moines Homeowners Busy With Cleanup

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Instead of birds chirping, many people along Hickman Road in Des Moines woke up to a different noise Sunday morning: a chainsaw.

“Worst part is when you see it you are so discouraged, but you wait on it and you get a plan of action,” said Dale Foltman, who spent Sunday morning freeing his Beaverdale neighborhood yard of storm damage.  He said, “I’m going to cut and lop. It’s going to take me an hour and a half and I’m almost done. Finally I can talk and brag to my neighbors tomorrow,” he said with a laugh.

On Hickman Road, just a few homes west, lives Torrie Burton.  “This is our first big storm. Everyone else was affected in the floods, but we were not. We got our turn with the tree, I guess,” said Burton.  High winds snapped a large portion of her neighbor’s tree and it came crashing down causing damage.  “It didn’t really hit the house, so that’s good, but it punctured our air conditioner, so that’s not great in the Iowa heat,” Burton said.

In northeast Des Moines, flash flooding rendered vehicles useless Saturday night and submerged over half a dozen vehicles in water near East Euclid and Delaware Avenue.  The waters have receded but the debris has added more weekend chores.  Burton said, “We are just waiting on our insurance and they will come out and estimate the damage and hopefully get things fixed right away.”

While folks along Hickman Road in Beaverdale will use plenty of grit and sweat to clean up from Saturday’s storms, they are also adding a healthy dose of positivity to deal with the negative effects of Mother Nature.  Foltman said, “Just enjoying Beaverdale. Physical fitness, as you can see I’m still in shape to do this.”  Burton added, “I can’t complain. We can still sleep at night so it’s fine.”

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