Stores Selling Out of Winter Essentials, Where You Can Still Find Some

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DES MOINES, Iowa — No matter how people are feeling about snow in the forecast, we all need tools to deal with it.

“I’m sure everyone wants spring to be here, but it’s Iowa, so snow is snow and you just have to handle it as it comes,” said Adam Green, a customer at Clive Power Equipment.

After four significant snows in Des Moines this winter and more on the way, Clive Power Equipment sold 25 snow blowers in three hours on Monday.

“Well it’s not good to wait until the last minute, so this is location number six that I’ve been to find anything at all. So I’m holding onto this one tightly at the moment,” said Elaine Nederhoff, a customer at Clive Power Equipment.

Customers said they decided to invest in a snow blower because they were tired of shoveling.

“Because these last snows, [it] has been quite a bit deep and stuff, so I just didn’t want to keep shoveling anymore and decided to check this out,” Nederhoff said.

Green said he needed one because he ran out of space to easily shovel the snow to.

“I am sure it’s going to help a lot. I just run out of space to put snow, so if I can get it out into the yard that would be very helpful,” Green said.

Many stores are also selling out of other winter essentials such as ice scrapers and shovels, but smaller stores like O’Donnell Ace Hardware still have some in stock.

“Well a lot of the big box stores, they’re getting ready for spring and they usually kind of let things run low this time of year because they are getting everything brought in for spring. So we try to bridge that gap for people because we can still get stuff later in the season,” O’Donnell Ace Hardware Manager Dave Sents said.

One customer said he needed a backup shovel because his snow blower wasn’t working.

“I have ice on my driveway and snow, so I thought well I need to get that ice and snow off with a shovel. And it worked beautifully. It worked so well, I’m buying one for my son,” said Roger Maxwell, a customer at O’Donnell Ace Hardware.

Clive Power Equipment said they are getting another shipment of snow blowers in on Tuesday and they will probably go fast.


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