STORE CLOSES: Customers And Employees Want Money

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Customers and employees of a locally owned flooring company say they were ripped off when the owner closed the shops without paying them.

“We had to take all the carpet up and all the flooring in the livingroom.” says former customer Becky Darnell,  “And through the hallway and our bedroom.  And our closet doors are all off because they wanted them off.”

Becky and Robert Darnall’s home is a wreck.  They pre-paid Flooring Warehouse almost $7,500 to lay wood flooring.  But now the business is closed up, and their money is apparently gone. 

Employees tell us the owner, Dan Stalzer, required all orders to be pre-paid.  They say Stalzer took off with more than $80,000 in deposits.  They also say Stalzer hasn’t been paying their medical insurance or 401-k deposits, and their pay checks have bounced for the past two pay periods.

 “I don’t know how I’m going to pay rent.” says former employee Ryan Thornburg, “I don’t know how I’m going to pay my utilities.”

No one answered the door at Stalzer’s $300,000 Clive home, and he has not returned our calls for comment.


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