STOLEN RING: Woman Says Apartment To Blame

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A West Des Moines woman is furious with her apartment complex and police after her $7,000 dollar wedding ring was stolen. Kasey Vogel believes her ring was stolen by a maintenance worker at Whisper Ridge apartments in West Des Moines.

The worker, 21-year old Ramzi Matouk, was caught by police when he tried to pawn a stolen ring. Officers also found ten other rings that Matouk had pawned in the weeks before his arrest. But police never took the rings as evidence and never contacted residents at Whisper Ridge to see if they were missing any jewelry.

Instead they waited for possible victims to come forth. Vogel says that’s ridiculous. “I mean how often do you really look in your jewelry box until you actually go to wear something?” she says.

West Des Moines Police admit they blew it. “Yeah, we could have gone to other tenants in the apartment complex and we didn’t do that.” says Lt. Jim Barrett, “And maybe we should. And next time, maybe we’ll handle it differently.”

Vogel never did recover her ring. Even though Matouk was given master keys to every apartment despite a history of drug arrests, Whisper Ridge says it is not responsible for his crimes because stealing is not in Matouk’s job description. Matouk was convicted of second degree theft and placed on probation.

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