Stay Cool Even if Pool Not Open


BOONE, Iowa — While Ames and Nevada have both decided to leave pools closed for summer of 2020, due to COVID-19, there are still ways to keep your cool. One place which has a long tradition of attracting visitors on hot days, is Ledges State Park. The park features a canyon with a creek where young and old can cool off.

Park Manager Andy Bartlett of the Iowa DNR says the park is back in full operation.

“Crowds aren’t that busy on the weekdays, and on the weekend people do a pretty good job of social distancing,”said Bartlett. “The creek itself is literally within the park, almost a mile, so there’s plenty of opportunity to spread out in the waterway.”

On a 90 degree Tuesday there were moms and grandparents with kids keeping cool.

“I feel safe coming here we’re having a lot of fun the kids actually when we were doing home school they decided they would like this place so much that they earned it,” said Andrea Tate, of Ankney who brought her three kids here. “We’d like track how many days they did their home school, and now we can party.”

“Grimes doesn’t have a pool, the closest one is Dallas Center,” said Ashley Goering, of Grimes. “Actually nothing is open yet, this is a good spot for us to come and cool off today.”

Around the Ames area there are some other options to keep cool. Story County Conservation’s Peterson Pits has a beach north of Ames. In Hamilton County Little Wall Lake, and Briggs Woods Parks both have beaches which are open for the summer.

“Some other great options for creek stomping, would be Dolliver State Park near Fort Dodge, or Springbrook State Park near Guthrie Center,” said Bartlett. “They provide both that cool creek walking experience, lots of shade, with a lot of forest at each of those parks.”


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