DES MOINES, IOWA — The 2023 Iowa High School Soccer championships are taking place this week at James W. Cownie Soccer Complex in Des Moines. This year’s forecast is adding an extra degree of difficulty to the matches: the heat.

“We’re just really used to playing in the heat but that doesn’t mean we don’t prepare we’re hydrated,” said Francis Lee, the North Polk Head Coach.   “We drink lots of water lots of Gatorade and we got cooling rags, we’ve got ice in before the game.”

“I do sometimes get a little bit nervous but once that whistle blows,” said Senior team captain, Molly Bergstrom.

She agreed with her coach, once the game gets going, the heat awareness fades.

There are some athletic trainers who do pay attention as to how the players are handling the weather.

“Making sure that everyone knows to stay well hydrated on the sidelines,” said Sean Rogers, who is Associate Professor of Athletic Training at Drake University. “Here we have multiple ice towels and ice tubs of someone gets too hot, we also have EMS here as well, should anyone need to go to the hospital.”

Fans also learn to cope. Nathan Nemmers, a North Polk fan had a chair with a shade on top along the sidelines.

 “If you can see my set up here, you’re playing state soccer, got to make sure you come prepared.” said Nemmers.

“It’s part of the deal I mean we sat in this, and we sat in snow and ice, I prefer this,” said Skip Ware, a North Polk Fan.

Lines were long for concessions, especially for the shaved ice. Also the concession stand was out of lemonade, and Diet Coke, everyone was ordering something to drink.