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  • Pigs.

DES MOINES, Iowa- There is nothing more appealing on a farm to a child than baby animals.  That is what drew families with young children to the Paul Knapp Center Thursday at the Iowa State Fair.  The floor of the indoor exhibit hall was filled with dozens of animals.  The idea was to let young children see newborn animals.

On the floor were pens of baby ducks, baby chicks, newborn goats and their mothers, new born calf and mother, as well as baby pigs. One display featured chicks breaking out of eggs. The displays are set up so small children can easily see the animals from their level. The displays are staffed by FFA college and high school students.

“You can learn how the calves are born, and how the sheep and goats are born,” said Andrew Wilson, who will be a Junior at Southeast Polk High School. “We just like to jump into learning about the different kinds of animals,” he added.

Madelyn Waddell will be a Sophomore at Southeast Polk. She said she enjoys watching the small animals grow a little bit. “If you deliver them you think of them as your little kid sometimes,” said Waddell.

You don’t have to be from a farm to appreciate the small animals. Kennady Patterson of Des Moines says she loves this exhibit.  “It’s very fun coming to the fair and hanging out with friends and family,” she said

Blake Stanley of Norwalk was asked what his favorite pen was, “chicks, they’re different, they’re small,” said Stanley.