Iconic Giant Slide Moving Locations on State Fairgrounds

State Fair

DES MOINES, Iowa — One of the oldest attractions at the Iowa State Fair is moving to a new home on the fairgrounds.

The Giant Slide is being transplanted from its home for decades in the middle of the fairgrounds to new location southeast of the Varied Industries building.

Fair officials said the growth of restaurants around the slide has created a congested mess for sliders, but promise the new location will still bring the same thrills.

“It was in a very cramped and pinched place right where you buy your tickets and get in line and grab your gunny sack to come down the slide. So that will all be improved, but the actual tradition of riding the slide, that won’t change at all,” Gary Slater, Iowa State Fair’s CEO said.

There’s one upgrade being made to the Giant Slide, new scaffolding that Slater said will make the slide safer for riders. The Giant Slide will be in place and ready for the 2020 Iowa State Fair that’s only 156 days away.


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