State Fair New Food, Cow Chip Throwing, and Conservation Awards

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DES MOINES, Iowa- Georgie’s Roast with the Most Wrap was named the Iowa State Fair Best New Food. The wrap contains cheddar tortilla wrap with tender beef pot roast, a white rice mixture containing Chorizo sausage crumbles, roasted green chilies, cheddar Jack cheese, candy corn salsa, crispy corn tortilla crumbles and a sour cream drizzle. On the side is a zest salsa verde sauce. The Wrap is $10.

“It’s savory, filling, one of our best ones the past couple of years,
definitely once it was announced we just got hit,” said Mia Migliaro, daughter of business owner George Migliaro.

On History Hill outside Pioneer Hall cow chips were flying. The trophy this year, is in joint custody, after Paul Yeager, of Iowa Public Television, and Luke Matthews of the Luke and Amy show on Oldies 93.3 both threw 81 feet for a tie.

“I think all my throwing of softballs has paid off, “ said Yeager, “All that batting practice I threw to those little leaguers – I’m glad I didn’t hit them all.”

“I have a knee injury so I’ve only been working out my upper body for the last sixth months, thats what I highly recommend if you want to be a champion,” said co-champ Luke Matthews.

At the Cattle Barn Arena, 53 farm families were honored for their work in curbing runoff from their land, and protecting the drinking water locally, and downstream. The awards were brought together by the Governor’s Office, The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, and the Iowa DNR.

“It’s one thing to try to do the right thing, environmentally and with conservation practices,” said Billy Baudler of Fontanelle. His family was recognized for their on-farm efforts. “A lot of time that goes un-noticed, so yeah it’s neat to be recognized and get a fun day at the Fair out of it.”

“It’s just a great opportunity to thank some folks that are doing the right things in their community and on their farms, and we hope inspire some others,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig.


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