State Fair: giant pumpkins and weeds, and more


DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa State Fair awarded the Biggest Pumpkin award on Friday. Don Young and Tommy Rhoades had the winner, again tipping the electronic scale at 915 pound. The Des Moines duo won also in 2019.

“I learned a couple things Des Moines city water the pH is 9 1/2 and the rainwater is just perfect without the minerals and things like that,” said Young. “I can add more fertilizer to the rainwater then I can for city water, rainwater is just perfect.”

Outside the John Deere Agriculture Building Iowa State University held their annual weed identification contest. People view a few tables with live Iowa weeds displayed. People name the weed matching the number by each plant on the table.

“Actually most of them are grown in a greenhouse at Iowa State University and so will start them at the end of June or an early July so they are appropriately sized for the fair, said Meghan Anderson, of Iowa State University. “but some of them, some of the more unusual ones will find throughout the summer and actually transplant in the pots.”

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