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DES MOINES, Iowa — A Great Dane dog weighing just 44 pounds – a fraction of what should be his healthy weight – has been rescued from an apartment on the southeast side of Des Moines. The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the dog, named Kal, was found shut in a crate with no food or water. Photos show the dogs bones clearly visible through his skin.

When he was released from the crate, he ran to a bathroom to ‘guzzle’ water out of the toilet – a sign of severe dehydration and starvation, according to the ARL. The average male Great Dane weighs 140-200 lbs, according to the American Kennel Club.

The ARL says that Kal is now gaining weight again under their care after he was administered IV fluids and placed on a special diet. They say he faces a long recovery before he can find a new home, but that he is safe now.

The Animal Rescue League has established a fund to accept donations for Kal’s care. No charges have been filed but the ARL says the investigation into the alleged mistreatment of Kal is ongoing.