DES MOINES, Iowa — 18-year-old Gionni Dameron and 16-year-old Rashad Carr were best friends who died in the Starts Right Here education center shooting last month. The two will be laid to rest this week, and the families say Carr and Dameron will be buried next to each other.

Loved ones mourned Carr and Dameron at their visitation service Wednesday evening. A joint funeral for Carr and Dameron will take place on Thursday.

Their deaths reopened a familiar trauma for Carr’s family. Carr’s father, Richard Lewis, Jr. was shot and killed in Des Moines in February 2008. Lewis was 18-years-old when he was killed and Carr was just an infant.

“My son, who is in heaven now, was gunned down the same way,” said Nicole Sanders, Lewis’ mother and Carr’s grandmother, at a press conference following Carr and Dameron’s deaths last month. “When I say I am so tired…I am tired.”

Carr and Dameron’s funeral is scheduled for 11 a.m. Thursday at the New Horizon Event Center in Clive.