DES MOINES, Iowa — The First Degree murder trial of Bravon Tukes continued with Starts Right Here founder Will Keeps’ testimony. Tukes is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, willful injury, and criminal gang participation.  

Police say Tukes drove the getaway car following a deadly shooting at the Starts Right Here education center back in January. Gionni Dameron, 18, and Rashad Carr, 16, were killed in the shooting, and Starts Right Here founder Will Keeps was injured.

During his testimony on Thursday Keeps spoke of the shooting incident that was carried out by now-convicted shooter Preston Walls.

“In my mind I saw it was like in slow motion. I saw him shoot Gionni and come back and shoot Rashad and then run out the door and came back in, shot Gionni again,” said Keeps.

Will Keeps was asked about how he reacted when the shooting began.

“I couldn’t move, and that broke my heart,” said Keeps.

He also gave the jury details of when the bullets flew.

“My heart was on my hand when I went down, my hand flipped like this out of my four fingers,  I had a pinky ring on that day, it hit the ring, it would have hit me in my heart,” said Walls.

Attorneys also played video from the arrest of Bravon Tukes and video of when the K9 unit tracked down Preston Walls.

The prosecution will continue presenting evidence on Friday.