Start in the Produce Aisle When Tackling Nutrition Goals


WAUKEE, Iowa – The new year means many are looking to re-focus nutrition. A great place to start is the produce aisle. Most Americans don’t get enough fruits and vegetables each day.

Erin Good, a registered dietitian with the Waukee Hy-Vee, suggested adding mushrooms to salads or blending them in with ground beef to boost your meal. Mushrooms have vitamin D. “This time of year we’re inside. We’re not getting a lot of sunlight exposure. Vitamin D can also help with our immune system. If your kids aren’t into mushrooms, you can chop them really fine or put them in a food processor and then add them to your ground beef,” said Good.

Another trend you’ll notice is pasta made with lentils or chickpeas, so you’re getting in fiber. The goal is to add in foods that make you feel full. “I’m all about adding in more foods, so whether you want to add in mushrooms or zucchini noodles or have chips and guacamole, but add in a carrot or a jicama slice as another dipper to just eat more quantity,” said Good.

If you need something sweet to add to your fruit, good suggested a flavored hummus. Good said, “A lot of the hummus now is starting to do different flavors, so this is actually a brownie batter. It’s chickpeas mixed with cocoa and some sugar, but it’s a great dessert option in the evening, have it with strawberries, apple slices, or honestly, I just like a spoonful before bed.”


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