SPRING BREAK: Burglary Warning

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The security company, asecurelife.com says one in thirty six homes gets broken into every year and that spikes when families leave for spring break.

It’s called a spring break vacation for a reason but it means your house is left unattended.

Once every 15 seconds a burglary happens in the US. This time of year, burglars know a lot of people are gone.

“Burglars read the papers, they know what’s going on and burglars know this is spring break week and that there are a lot of people going to be gone,” warned  Sgt. Steve Woody.

He says that break-ins are preventable, “Best thing you can do is let your neighbors know, good neighbors that you trust and know, let them know that you’re going to be gone.”

Janean Carey of Ankeny says she trusts her neighbors, “I’ve got such good neighbors that I call my watch dogs and always have their eyes on the house.”

But on her recent trip to Florida, she forgot to ask her them to keep an eye on the house.

“It didn`t really hit me until I was back on the flight today, I thought ‘oh jeez what could have happened?’ Maybe a water line breaks, somebody breaks in, my house is ransacked, any number of things could have happened.”

It also didn’t help that she posted that her and her family were headed out of town on Facebook.

Fortunately, Carey returned home to find all was well but social media can pose a threat for home invasions.

“There’s a tendency to put everything on Facebook from what I’m seeing. I’d just rather not have people know that nobody is at our house when were gone,” said traveler Steve Madeson. “It’s probably better to post it once you get home.”

Some things are just better left unsaid.

Police say to make your home appear as if someone is home, even if they are not, to prevent break-ins. Also, as a reminder, to lock all doors and windows before leaving the house.


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