IOWA — Spring is off to a bit of a slow start and it may have you wondering when it’s finally going to warm up. While there are several warmer days ahead for the next week, another wave will bring some cooler weather for the Easter holiday and the following week.

March brought both warmth and cold, but several chilly days at the end of the month helped the overall average temperature drop to around average. In Des Moines, it’s been over two weeks since highs were last in the 60s.

It’s largely due to an upper-level wave bringing cold and stormy weather to parts of the central and eastern United States. Meanwhile, west of the Rockies a sunny sky is warming temperatures above average for many.

This weekend

As this current wave pushes into the NE United States over the weekend, temperatures will warm back up into the 60s across central Iowa. Breezy weather also returns by Sunday with the wind picking up from the southeast.

Early next week

Another wave at the upper levels currently over Alaska will push into western Canada over the weekend. Highs in central Iowa will climb into the upper 60s by the afternoon. This next wave will deepen early next week along the west coast. Here in central Iowa, temperatures look to stay in the 60s through Wednesday.

This mid-week wave will bring a chance for showers and thunderstorms, especially Tuesday into Wednesday. This will be monitored for severe weather chances. You can find the latest forecast at

Extended outlook including Easter weekend

Despite temperatures near or above average Sunday through Wednesday, a cold front that will arrive Wednesday evening will bring cooler weather starting Thursday, April 14. Highs will return to the 40s for at least Thursday through Easter Sunday, although it will be drier. Highs in the 40s for April 15-17 mean temperatures will be about 15-20° below average.

The 8-14 day outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows that below average temperatures will likely continue into the third week of April. During the time frame of April 15-21, the CPC shows a 70-80% chance of below average temperatures. Since the average high is in the lower 60s and the average low is in the lower 40s, highs will likely stay in the 40s and 50s with lows in the 20s and 30s during that week.