NORWALK, Iowa — Rains fell across the metro area late Sunday bringing less than an inch of rain to most areas. In some isolated pockets over an inch fell. It was very welcome at Ted Lare Garden Center. This store has its own weather guru when it comes to forecasting rainfall.

Derek McKay’s official job is Greenhouse Manager. He does weather forecasting for his employer and a few other companies. 

“I was kind of watching it for a while and it was just kind of a typical random thunderstorm, where a storm were pop up in some areas would get hit, and some areas wouldn’t get hit,” said McKay.

The rain gauge showed 1.6 inches of rain at the Garden Center.

“We’ve been really hoping for rain for a long time because it’s been so dry,” said McKay. “So we water all of our plants and we didn’t have to really do much today in as the first time I’ve had to do that and wait over a month.”

Watering plants at a garden center can be very time-consuming.

“We water twice a day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon,” said McKay.  “We probably spend about I would say three or four hours of  work watering, so yeah I would say it’s an important part.”

The Wisconsin native considered becoming a meteorologist. Then opted for horticulture instead.

“I’ve been interested in weather my whole life, I’ve always done something with weather, whether it be forecasting or telling friends about it or running a forecasting blog for about seven or eight years,” said McKay.