SPEEDING SAGA: Trooper Wants To Pay Own Ticket

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The scandal involving a fired DCI agent and an Iowa state trooper who was clocked going 84 mph while chauffeuring the governor and lieutenant governor continues.

In April the governor’s SUV was found going nearly 20 miles over the speed limit on Highway 20 near Iowa Falls. The SUV wasn’t pulled over after the Iowa State Patrol learned the governor was inside.

A special agent with the DCI, Larry Hedlund, complained about the incident to supervisors. He was placed on administrative leave a week after the complaint and later fired.

Hedlund claims the firing was retaliation for his complaint but the Iowa Department of Public Safety says Hedlund was fired for insubordination and work rules violations.

Last week, a speeding ticket was finally issued to Trooper Steve Lawrence for the incident. The $181 ticket was paid, but not by Lawrence. Larry Hedlund paid the ticket, claiming Gov. Branstad wouldn’t step up to do it.

Now, the state trooper who was issued the ticket wants the funds reversed so he can pay for the ticket himself. Trooper Lawrence says, “As a citizen and motorist, I want to access the court system and exercise my rights to due process. When the ticket was paid without my knowledge, those choices and rights were taken away.”

Lawrence told his supervisors that he takes responsibility for his own actions and he is responsible for the ticket.

Hedlund is planning a lawsuit against the state for wrongful termination.


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