Speed Limit on Ten Blocks Of University Avenue in Windsor Heights Could Increase

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa — The city of Windsor Heights installed two speed cameras along the ten-block stretch of University Avenue in order to slow traffic and increase safety.

On Monday, city leaders took steps to increase traffic speeds.

The city approved the first steps to increase the speed limit on University Avenue between 63rd Street and 73rd Street from 25 mph to 30 mph.

“I’ve already been hit once on the corner of 70th and University and the guy never even stopped,” Vanessa Weese said.

Weese is visually impaired and lives on a busy stretch of University.

“A lot of times people are already speeding, and I am sure they are sorry because they get tickets,” Weese said.

According to the Windsor Heights Police Department, last year more than 30,000 speeding citations were issued to drivers going at least 11 miles per hour over the speed limit by either of the city’s two speed cameras.

“I knew I had to come through Windsor Heights, which I a lot of times avoid, due to the speed limit,” Clive resident Carole Voorhis said.

The Bake Shoppe on University Avenue hopes the increased speed limit draws more customers like Voorhis.

“It will increase our customer base. I don’t think we will have as many complaints from people when they do come in,” Mary Youngwirth said.

The speed limit in Windsor Heights has been 25 mph for more than 16 years, which Weese doesn’t want to see changed anytime soon.

“Really, is it that big of an inconvenience? Are they in that big of a hurry? Then they need to organize their lives a little better so they can leave earlier from home,” Weese said.

The city will take this up at the next city council meeting later in May. Redevelopment plans to add turn lanes on University Avenue are scheduled to begin April of 2020.

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