ANKENY, Iowa — Bedtime stories are part of many of our childhood memories.  An Ankeny grandma is carrying on that tradition and getting likes and views in Iowa and around the world.

“Hi folks. Tonight, I’m going to read.  Ten fat turkeys,” said Bette Honeck as she welcomes viewers to her home.

Fans young and old are tuning into StoryTime with Grandma Bette.

“I’m getting older.  In case you hadn’t noticed, I am older.  I’m 85 working on 86,” explained Honeck.

The retired high school teacher gives all the credit to the leading character in her life, granddaughter Haley.

“Haley said to me a year ago April, grandma when you’re gone, I want something to remember you by and I said, criminently, won’t you have something to remember me by?”

But she agreed and began to record stories on Facebook.

“Then she put it out in outer space,” said Honeck.

“Yes, I’ve always been a fan of Grandma Bette,” said friend Darcy Stroinski.

Stroinski says Honeck spreads joy and friends with everybody.

Everybody’s new favorite grandma is sharing smiles and stories from her couch in Ankeny with her fans around the world.

You can share storytime with Grandma Bette here.