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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The owner of a Spa in West Des Moines is accused of running her business under false pretenses. Ashley Van Zetten is facing numerous allegations, including that she falsely claimed to be a nurse while administering Botox injections, and that she used a physician’s name without permission to purchase controlled substances.

Van Zetten makes a living by offering ways for people to look younger. She used to operate her Skingym business at 120 5th Street, Suite C, West Des Moines, but in recent months has relocated to 9350 University Ave in West Des Moines.

Van Zetten’s business practices are being called into question by the Iowa Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. In a notice of hearing filed before  Administrative Law Judge Kerry Anderson, the board charges Van Zetten with “engaging in fraudulent representation in the practice of the profession…,practicing outside the scope of the profession (administering Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse injections and Fraxel laser treatments)…,obtaining, possessing and administering a controlled substance without lawful authority, using client information to falsify credit applications; and using the money for personal gain, permitting an unlicensed employee under the salon’s control to perform activities that require a license; and permitting a licensed person to practice outside the scope of their practice…”

Doctor Brenton Koch practices in this field and has written published material on the subject. “This is a medical profession and while it may have a retail or cosmetic aspect to it, it‘s serious business, and people’s health is involved,” said Koch. He says as a matter of safety, he recommends asking questions and doing your research. “My recommendation is don`t bargain shop with your face. If you know what I mean. This is your health, this is your identity, so take care of it, do your research and find someone that you know you can trust because other people have trusted them too,” said Koch.

Attorney Michael Sellers, of Sellers, Galenbeck & Nelson, represents Van Zetten and provided the following statements:

“You inquired about a case pending before the Iowa Board of Cosmetology involving Ms. Ashley Van Zetten.

I am representing Ms. Van Zetten in that matter.

The Board of Cosmetology is now in the process of conducting a trial regarding those matters.

We believe the accusations by the complainant that are reflected in the public documents are baseless and we believe the Board will rule in favor of Ms. Van Zetten after they review the actual facts and witnesses involved…

I do want to make clear that the allegations in that document arose out of a former business at a different location that closed in 2012. That is what the Board of Cosmetology is considering.”

Van Zetten was the former owner of MedWest Health and Aesthetics, which closed in August of 2012.