Southwest Iowa Town of Coin Welcomes Buzzard Day Saturday

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COIN, Iowa- This Saturday Coin Iowa in Page County will celebrate it’s second annual Buzzard Day. The occasion is named after some 100 or so turkey vultures, or buzzards which overnight here every night during the warm weather months.

The unusual festival name was born on a whim.

“They were sitting outside the shop in the buzzards are vultures were all flying around and she said you really need to do something fun and promote them,” said Tammy Horn, a co-organizer of the Buzzard Day.

They took the idea to the City Council. Horn, and Julie Graham took the idea and ran with it. They’ve organized a flea market, a car show and a community dinner.

That is all in honor of some residents that not everyone is thrilled to have living in town. The birds roost in the town water tower, and leave behind some droppings in that city park where the tower is located.

“Years and years ago when the railroad is coming through there were theaters, there were banks, obviously were not gonna get back that stage in life,” said Horn. At least let people know that we’re still there, that we still are good strong community.”

If you would like to know more check the Coin Buzzard Day Facebook Page.


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