Internet speed in Des Moines is about to hit the gas pedal.

Wednesday, Google made the first segment of customers eligible to sign up for service. Over the last year, Google has been installing its fiber conduit in the South of Grand neighborhood and much of that area is now activated and ready for service.

Over the following weeks and months, Google’s lines and service will spread to the surrounding neighborhoods and cities. Service in some areas of West Des Moines has already begun.

Google claims its fiber lines will be a game-changer.

“Whether you’re downloading content or streaming on any devices in your home,” says Andy Simpson, CEO of Google Fiber’s central region, “or if you’re uploading and you’re a media producer and uploading, fiber to the home provides that kind of equitable speed. We offer 1 GB, we offer 5 GB speeds and so that’s typical much higher than what a cable offering is able to provide.”

You can check to see whether your home is ready for Google Fiber by going to You can also put your name on their email list so you’ll be notified when service becomes available to you.

Prices begin at $70 a month for 1 GB and range up to $150/month for 8 GB speed.