DES MOINES, Iowa — Metro authorities had promised they would be on the look out for drug-impaired drivers on Wednesday – with the 4/20 date celebrated by some as an unofficial cannabis-themed holiday. But Des Moines Police say it wasn’t hard to spot the signs that drugs may have played a role in a crash on the eastside on Wednesday afternoon.

It happened in the 4300 block of Hubbell Avenue over the noon hour. Police say a semi-truck pulling a tanker was turning into a business when a car drove under the trailer. Thankfully the tanker was empty. Police say there were only minor injuries reported.

On the passenger side floor of the car, police found what appears to be a marijuana pipe and a cigarette lighter. “There is some indication there that drugs may have played a factor in that crash,” Sergeant Paul Parizek said. Parizek shared a photo of the items in question from the scene.