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“I saw a post someone did on yahoo the other day that asked if our troops in were still being killed and I was kinda in shock over it.”

It’s been nearly one year since Amanda Justice’s husband, Sgt. James Justice, was killed in Afghanistan.

Justice was shot by insurgents in Afghanistan on a rescue mission.

Now, Amanda has a mission of her own.

“The things that we have didn`t come easy and the freedoms that people enjoy are just there for nothing someone fought for them someone still fighting for them even people don`t believe in war what we`re doing that`s fine but still remember our solider still support them.”

While the pain is still fresh, Amanda wants to remind Iowans that her husband gave his life – fighting for their freedoms.

She contacted operation never forgotten, who designed these two billboards.

The message is simple.

“He wasn`t a solider he was a dad and a husband and a son he`s still gone.”

Now that all of the nearly 3,000 Iowa National Guard troops are home from war, Amanda worries their pain and sacrifice will fade from the hearts and minds of Iowans.

She’s determined to prevent that.

“Even if it makes someone think for five seconds while they`re driving get to work- you will never believe what I just saw.  Or if it brings tears to your eyes – hope it doesn`t cause any accidents, but I hope it makes people remember and feel something just take a second to think about what someone is willing to give up for them”

Amanda knows that nothing will bring her husband back.

But she says the only thing worse than his death, would be if his sacrifice was forgotten.

“I just don`t want any of them to be forgotten.”