DES MOINES, Iowa — David Stone has been running his Waveland Café since 1984. He’s seen some price increases over the years, but the recent egg prices have been a shock.

“Eggs used to cost me $500 a week for what we use at the store, now it costs me $2,550 a week,” said Stone. “Everything is taken a hike, but the eggs are the ones that are out of control.”

Customers at the Waveland come for the eggs and atmosphere of a hometown café.

“I eat eggs every day, couple for breakfast with my bacon and sometimes at lunch,” said Dean Petty, a customer at the Waveland.

“We will keep eating eggs, I do feel for the elderly on a fixed income,” said Pam Pepper a regular customer. “The breakfast skillets are good, eggs over-easy, and omelets are great.”

The eggs were $20 a case and now cost $85 a case. Stone said he’s already raised egg menu prices by a dollar, but he needs to do more.

“We’re at the point where I either have to start surcharging for eggs,” said Stone. “Because when we’re busier than heck, half the time I’m not making money because they’re ordering eggs.”

Right now he is weighing the options, changing the six panel menu is also expensive.

“I think I might have to raise $2 for a two-egg, and $3 for a three-egg,” said Stone. “I can’t keep putting food out the door and not making any money.”