Snow Impacting Local Businesses

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Business for snow removal companies is booming because of our recent snow storms, but other businesses are suffering because of it.

Businesses in the downtown area that depend on foot traffic are not seeing a lot of it recently with the cold and snow.

The skywalks help, but not a whole lot.

Still, people are itching to get out and do something. Places like The Copper Cup, with their underground set-up, say they saw their busiest Sunday in a while.

“We have no windows, we are in a basement, people like to come in here and hunker down. Usually, it’s people in and out but it’s one of those days where no one wants to walk around and go barhopping no one wants to sit on a patio they love coming down to ‘the hole’ as we call it,” said bartender Sid Juwarker.

Keeping people inside is good for one type of business — food delivery. Northern Lights Pizza in Altoona says Sunday nights are always busy and this weekend was no different.


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