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DUBUQUE, Iowa  —  Although the crowd marching in eastern Iowa may not have been as large as in Des Moines or other cities around the country, those who attended made their opinions just as known on Saturday.

Around 400 people attended the rally in Dubuque, which is just one of several held in Iowa. In addition to a large rally in Des Moines, marches also took place in Decorah and Iowa City.

Some of the people in attendance say they were there to send a message to the new administration.

“This president has talked about taking america back, and I’m not sure that he understands that what has happened is that millions of women want to make this country move forward,” said one attendee.

Another woman explained her reasons for marching by saying, “For me it’s looking at taking care of the the people who are most vulnerable in society. We are responsible for them. Government is responsible for that. And that’s not the message I heard.”