URBANDALE, Iowa – Roads in central Iowa remain slick Sunday morning, causing accidents and other travel issues after a snowstorm blew through Saturday.

WHO 13’s Dan Winters met Matthew Klein and his family Sunday morning after a crash on I-80/35 at Rider Corner left them stuck at a truck stop, waiting for help.

Klein, originally from Minnesota, was traveling back to Arvada, Colorado after a holiday visit. The family, who had been worried about their home being damaged by heat from Colorado wildfires a few days prior, is now dealing with some more bad luck after their SUV went sliding into a guardrail when it hit a patch of ice on the interstate.

“We were concerned about watching these other cars here, at one point my wife asked if we should get out of the car and run down into shoulder ‘cause we were worried about one of those other cars running into us, but it’s cold out here,” said Klein.

Thankfully Klein and his family weren’t injured in the crash. After sorting out some issues with their insurance company, the Kleins are hopeful they can get back on the road today and make it back to Colorado.

Another traveler, Dimitri, was making his way from California to Wisconsin in a diesel box truck when he ran into problems because of the fuel gelling up — so WHO 13 tried to help with a jump start to get the engine warm and running.

If you must travel today, keep track of road conditions across the state here.