Sisters Discover Family WWII Love Letters Amidst their Grief

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WAUKEE, Iowa — It’s been a difficult week for the family of Curtis Scott, who passed away on Monday at 76 years old after a long battle with cancer.

Daughter Kim Martin describes her late father as a man with a “big heart.” He spent more than 30 years in law enforcement serving Waukee, Adel and lots of Dallas County.

“He was more likely if you got pulled over give you a warning and take you home and that’s how these people remember him,” she said. “He was kind, he wasn’t vengeful, just a kind soul.”

In the process of sorting through their father’s belongs, they found a hidden treasure from the past. Love letters Scott kept from his parents, exchanged during WWII.

“I knew my dad could be a packrat but to keep them this long and a lot of them were from when he was born in 1944,” Martin said.

Letter Jerry Scott sent to his wife, Trella Scott, while he was overseas during World War II. It reads “The harness of love glitters more than gold.”

Martin and her sister, Tina Thigpen, said seeing the love between their grandparents gives them a better understanding for why their father had such a big heart.

“My dad is a very loving person and now it kinda makes sense knowing that our grandparents were too and it’s trickled down to us,” Martin said.



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