DES MOINES, Iowa – Organizers say the Sista Soul Fest, which was held Sunday at a Des Moines park, was a success and hope it will continue to grow.

The annual event, in its third year, was held at Evelyn K. Davis Park. Organizers say the event has become the largest outdoor women’s vendor festival in Des Moines.

“We are dedicated. We are visionaries. We manifested this. It started with four women in a park and one in particular, Loretta, had a strong vision of Sista Soul Fest. And we all bonded together and worked hard together and put this together for our community and for the women,” said Hazell Grace, Sista Soul Fest vice president. “Plant positive seeds and then you just nourish that business, nourish that dream. And there are platforms such as Sista Soul Fest out here for you to flourish and be seen.”

For three years now, Sista Soul Fest has given female business owners a chance to show their creations and network with the community.

“I kind of get emotional because it’s very special. It’s something that I didn’t even plan. It just came to me through meditation. So this is big. It’s so special to me and dear to my heart,” said Loretta Windsor, president of Sistars Girl Talk and Sista Soul Fest.

More than 50 vendors took part in the event and there are major plans to expand next year.