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CRESTON, Iowa  —  Officials say it is now safe for residents of four southern Iowa towns to drink water from the tap.

For more than a week, several towns across six counties have relied on bottled or boiled water after a filtering issue at the Creston water plant sent them into a boil order on June 1st. On Sunday, Creston was the first town to be lifted from the advisory. The Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) announced the towns of Lennox, Diagonal, and Afton are also have safe drinking water as of Monday.

Officials are in the process of taking dozens of water samples and draining then refilling nearly 30 water towers across the region.

“It’s a lot of work, especially with the treatment plant not being at full capacity,” says Dan McIntosh, general manager of SIRWA.

McIntosh says the treatment plant is only functioning at half capacity, forcing the  flushing process to move at a slower place. The treatment plant has only two working membrane water filters, and it needs four. New equipment is scheduled to arrive later this month.

Crews are paying close attention to the flushing process to prevent more problems from happening.

“Now we have to be very careful that we don’t take too much water from the treatment plant because if that goes down or any of our other water lines get below 20 pounds, then we are required to issue a boil order again and we start all over,” he says.

Officials say it will be another two weeks before the boil order is completely lifted. For a list of towns and rural areas released from the advisory, click here .