SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sioux City Police Department provided more details about the incident at North Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

According to a release, officers identified two male teens, ages 14 and 16, as the suspects that fired an airsoft type gun at North Middle students. The teens were arrested and were taken to Juvenile Detention where they were charged with multiple counts of assault.

Officers also determined the “gun” used in the incident was a Splat-r-ball gun, a type of water gun that shoots water gel beads.

According to the release, officers found that the two juveniles had also shot another high school student and a delivery driver in the area of Glenn Oaks Boulevard and Indian Hills Boulevard around the same time as this incident.

Investigation is ongoing to determine if there were any other people the two shot with the Splat-r-ball gun.


Two minors were taken into police custody Tuesday after middle school students were fired at by an airsoft gun, the Sioux City Police Department said

Police and the Sioux City Community School District stated that the incident happened just before North Middle School’s dismissal. North Middle School students were walking back from the track at North High School. While approaching Buckwalter Drive, a car drove by and fired an airsoft gun at the kids.

Some kids were hit by the airsoft BBs, receiving only minor injuries.

As a result of the incident, the school district placed the elementary buildings on lockout until their 3:30 p.m. dismissals. A lockout means no visitors are allowed in the buildings and students and staff must stay inside until the lockout is lifted, an email from the school district to the parents describes.

The police department later apprehended two juveniles as part of the incident. The police are continuing to investigate the incident and will then provide more details.