Shortage of car parts impacting local mechanics, creating longer wait times and higher bills for repairs


DES MOINES, Iowa – From new and used cars to cars that need fixing, the global supply chain crisis is continuing to have an impact on the auto industry.

A shortage in auto parts is being felt right here in the metro, and that’s having an impact on people’s time and money.

The mechanics under the hoods at Joey’s Auto Shop in Des Moines have had to be patient because deliveries for parts are taking longer than usual.

“I always say parts are the hardest part of our job because without those, you can’t fix the car,” owner Joey Tessman said.

Tessman said a shortage of supplies, from brake parts to oil filters, is impacting how much money customers spend and how much time they wait for repairs.

“It’s been very challenging trying to make sure that you can still get the parts that you want, the quality that you want, and still be able to give the customer a turnaround time that works with them,” Tessman said.

A fix that usually took a day could now be pushed back a week. The shortage stems from overseas suppliers. Staff at Joey’s are shopping around to see which local suppliers might have what they need.

“Normally we’d be able to get all of our parts from the same vendor,” Tessman explains. “Now we’re having to start to get some parts from one vendor or another from another, just so we can make sure that we can get the car done and back to the customer as soon as possible.”

With some parts now being more expensive, people should expect to pay more in addition to waiting longer.

It’s not just the parts for fixing cars, there’s a shortage of parts to build cars. That has led to fewer cars on lots, and higher prices for the ones dealers do have in stock.

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