AMES, Iowa– The forecast is for lots of snow, wind, cold, and maybe a blizzard on top of all that. When the news breaks this type of weather is coming, some shoppers hit the hardware store as soon as possible.

“Actually there’s a good influx of people right when that news breaks,” said Jordan Estrada, the Assistant Manager at O’Donnell Ace Hardware, in Ames. “There are a lot of people that come in, needing snow shovels, they inquire on the phone if we have for ice melt, making sure we’re not going to run out.”

The shoppers were looking for snow shovels, ice melt, and snow blowers. This store has been selling more electric battery-powered snow blowers.

“Although they’ve been out for several years, the technology has gotten better,” said Estrada. “The reviews because of that have gotten a lot better, I would say we sell quite a few more electric snow blowers than we would gas.”

“I’m looking for a flashlight and some other safety equipment in case there’s some power outages,” said Steven Woolery, an Ace customer. “We’ve not had this kind of weather in quite a while and sounds like people are taking it very seriously, the meteorologists are taking it seriously, and so I want to be prepared in case there’s. a power outage.”