Shooting Has Residents of Beaverdale Neighborhood Feeling Unsafe

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BEAVERDALE, Iowa -- Marisa Bueford and her husband had just returned home Tuesday afternoon when they noticed something odd in their kitchen. "I turned to my husband and I says are 'you doing remodeling again without me?' And he`s like 'no.' I says 'did you splash powder up there?' He`s like 'no.' Then they saw a hole. "We looked and then he says, 'oh, there`s the bullet.' So, I come outside and I says, 'excuse me, why is there a hole in my wall?' Then the cops came over and they didn`t know that it went through the house, and they came and they took some pictures and videos," said Bueford.

The shooting happened right by Monroe Elementary, near 30th and Hickman.

Police were called to the area around 2:00 p.m. after a driver reported his car was hit by gunfire.  Moments later a man arrived at Broadlawn's Hospital suffering gun shot wound to the head.

Kelly Dawson lives just a few houses down. "I got home about two o`clock from work and I was busy cleaning my house and I heard some popping noises and I thought it was fireworks, as did my husband and I later came out to check to see what was going on and saw the police and the commotion and saw some students walking with a teacher escorting them," said Dawson.

With bullets hitting nearby homes and this red Dodge that was passing by, Dawson realizes she and other neighbors were lucky.

"I was actually a little bit scared because usually on Tuesdays I am out in the yard, doing yard work, down by the street and sweeping and pulling weeds and so I was fortunate I wasn`t outside, because usually I am."

Dawson says these days it doesn't matter where you live.

"I liked the Beaverdale area because it seems like a small town within a big city so it`s a shame that some things are happening in Beaverdale, but I have friends that live in Johnston and Urbandale and those same things are happening, so it`s just not safe anywhere anymore."


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