DES MOINES, Iowa — During the holiday season shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service hire thousands of seasonal workers. UPS alone is looking to fill 550 seasonal and part-time positions.

Kim Roberts, a Preload Manager at UPS in Des Moines, said that there are flexible hours and competitive pay.

“If you want to work different hours and different sorts you can do that also,” Roberts said. “Some of the positions pay $20 an hour some of them pay $19 an hour and those are part-time positions.”

UPS has a program called Project Force which takes new or seasonal employees and transitions them into full-time positions in the company. Melanie Jackson is a UPS employee who participated in Project Force and said that even when she worked seasonal hours she was able to balance another full-time job.

“You get done by 9 o clock in the morning so you have a great opportunity to get yourself another part-time, full-time job,” Jackson said. “I worked a full-time job before doing this so I was able to get done during seasonal and make it to my full-time job definitely a good 7 hours in between.”

According to a Forbes survey, FedEx, UPS, and the United States Postal Service are all among the top 15 best employers in the state.

Larry Rogers, a UPS employee who has worked at the company for decades, said that to make it in the shipping industry potential employees need to be ready for the physical aspect of the job.

“I would say physical ability, I mean if you like to exercise if you like to move quickly if you’re organized, a quick thinker that helps too,” Rogers said.

To learn more about what jobs are available at UPS visit their website.