Sheriff’s Office: Father’s Day is Deadliest Day on the Road


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MARSHALL COUNTY, Iowa — The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is asking Iowans to use more caution this weekend while behind the wheel.

The sheriff’s office says that Father’s Day has shown to be the deadliest holiday on Iowa’s roadways over the past 10 years.

“If you were to ask people what they think would be the deadliest holiday, they often mention July 4th, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving. We associate those major holidays with a lot of vehicle traffic and traveling,” Sgt. Ben Veren said in a release.

The department says crash statistics from the Iowa Department of Transportation over the past decade show that the top four deadliest holidays in Iowa (in order) are: Father’s Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Eve and Halloween.

The department is urging drivers to focus on reducing dangerous driving behavior including speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted driving and not wearing seat belts or using child safety seats.

“Currently in Iowa, almost half of the people killed in crashes are not wearing their seat belt. We are also seeing an increasing number of deaths contributed to impaired drivers,” Veren said.

The department says that according to statistical averages in the state, nearly one person dies each day on Iowa roadways.

“While that may not seem like a lot to some; we can all agree it is too many if that is one person from your family,” said Veren. “Remember to practice safe driving behaviors this Father’s Day and every other day. We don’t want anyone to lose a loved one in a crash on this day designed to celebrate with family.”


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