Sheriff: Vehicle Belonging to Iowa Man Missing Since 2013 Contained Human Remains


FRANKLIN COUNTY, Iowa — The discovery of a car with human remains in it found in a small pond in Franklin County may lead to answers in the disappearance of a Hampton man seven years ago.

“It was very clear the moment we went over it, like ‘Sam, that’s the car.’ And that’s when it hit us. We knew,” said Jared Leisek of Adventures with Purpose.

The group travels the country, using scuba and sonar gear to search bodies of water to help with cold cases. The group took interest in the case of 22-year-old Ethan Kazmerzak, who went missing in 2013 after attending a party at a rural Franklin County property.

They found Kazmerzak’s car in a pond on Monday using a sonar device. The pond had been searched twice previously by teams using sonar, during the investigation into Kazmerzak’s disappearance.

Tuesday, officials recovered the vehicle and say there were human remains found inside. They have not yet been positively identified.

“It’s gonna be a couple weeks at minimum until we know much at the State Medical Examiner’s Office and hopefully that’ll tell the story. There’s not a lot to go on now so that’ll kinda complete and identify, tell more of the story,” said Franklin County Sheriff Aaron Dodd.

Sheriff Dodd says that at this time, there are no signs of foul play.


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