SHELTER BUILD: Camp Sunnyside Prepares For Storms

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A major construction project is getting underway at Camp Sunnyside, all in the name of safety.

Jon Davis with Polk County Emergency Management is making sure the beginning stages of two new storm shelters at the camp are up to standards and he’s not leaving anything to chance.

“Some of the things we looked at were the construction, what are the walls made out of, how were they connected the roof, the ceiling what kind of wind load it would be able to withstand what the doors would be constructed of what kind of protections would go on windows,” explains Davis.

The project, building cabins for campers, is a $2.4-million project being funded and built by hubbell Realty Company.

The two 75-hundred square foot cabins will house 45 guests and 16 staff each.

The old cabins at the camp were built by volunteers over 50 years ago and were not meeting the needs of the guests.

“When storms come up we have to be very quick in our response because a lot of the individuals that we are supporting utilize walkers, or wheel chairs, and they just require a little bit more time to move so having the storm shelters right inside the building will allow them to be able to get to the shelter much more quickly,” says Sherri Nielson.

Both cabin shelters are FEMA approved and meet ADA standards.

The project officially kicks off on Monday and is expected to be complete in just a week.


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