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WAUKEE, Iowa — Libraries across the state offer reading programs for kids this summer. Parents have another free and convenient option to borrow a book any hour of the day.

Little Free Libraries started popping up in the metro a couple years ago. It’s a weather proof box full of books people typically put in their front yards. Sprinkles of Life Blogger Mollie Lyon says, “The concept is a free standing library, and the concept is to take a book, give a book.”

Lyon worked with the city of Waukee to install a little library in Ridgepoint Park. She says,”I thought this would be a great place to put it. It would have a lot of access to kids in the neighborhood, biking families and neighboring people who come to the playground too.”

Post AlphaBits Cereal paid for the project. The company is sponsoring two others in central Iowa and fifty across the country.

You’ll find about 20 little libraries in central Iowa, according to The Northeast Neighbors and Friends and Douglas Acres Neighborhood Association recently joined forces to bring little libraries to the northeast side of Des Moines. Seven are currently installed with plans to bring more this year.

Waukee Library Director Jacob Speer says little free libraries are a great way to increase literacy in the community, especially in the summer. He says kids need to read every day. He says, “Even if it’s only 20 minutes. That’s a great thing and it kind of keeps it fresh in their mind, and their skills sharp.”